Samurai Thunder Soap Japan

Samurai Thunder Soap
Sesuai untuk mereka yang sayangkan jeans.

Produk buatan jepun yang terkenal dan sangat terhad.
Bahan Utama ialah kacang soya.


Jika ada yang berminat, whatapps saya. Insyaallah saya cuba dapatkan.

The valuable jeans, if you wash with detergent containing a chemical substance (bleach, etc.) texture of the fabric will be damaged.
Remain as long as natural as possible, there is a thought that want to continue to wear the jeans while maintaining the texture.
The kaminari soap, without giving a burden to the fabric, being able to drop excess dirt is properly despite its natural washing, it is possible to protect the jeans yet easy on body to the environment, it is the ideal soap.

satu jean dalam 40 liter air dicampur 1 sudu(table spoon) thunder soap. Kalau guna mesin basuh tabur je dalam 15g sabun(1 table spoon)

Ini link youtube tgok cara basuh jeans guna Thunder soap



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